Life as a new family can be hard without support! I’ll be sharing postpartum & breastfeeding information along with baby & family tips.

Hi, I’m Danna. The lactation counselor and doula behind Lactation Danna.

How to Help a Friend Who Has a New Baby:

Besides a baby shower (and especially during this pandemic) it can be really hard to figure out what to do for someone after they have a new baby. Maybe you don’t have children, or maybe it’s been a while since you did. It can also be hard to know how to help when you yourself…

Feeding the New Family

One of the most important things family and friends can do is to help feed the new family. Here are a few tips and tricks! Meal Train is a great website to make organizing meals for the new family within a larger group. The link can be shared via text, email, or social media. Their…

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