Feeding the New Family

One of the most important things family and friends can do is to help feed the new family. Here are a few tips and tricks!

  1. Meal Train is a great website to make organizing meals for the new family within a larger group. The link can be shared via text, email, or social media. Their basic train is completely free. Leaving a cooler on the front porch so that the new family is not disturbed is also a great way to keep everyone safe from spreading covid.
  2. Grocery pick up is a great way for a family to order just what they need and want and then for someone else to pick it up and drop it off. Perfect during the pandemic because it can be completely contactless. If you are a close family member who normally comes into the house it is a great help to find all of your groceries put away!
  3. Order their favorite take out and deliver it/have it delivered. Something that reheats well is the best (think burrito vs taco)!
  4. Make a meal that is easily doubled and take the extra to the new family. This works great for other food items like muffins and snacks.
  5. Make it a treat for your family to help out another family. I like to involve my kids even if I am doing most of the work. So I might make a full dinner for a new family like, black beans and rice with a good salad and orange slices for dessert; pack it all up with help, pile in the car to leave it on their door step and then stop for an inexpensive meal out with the kids. There is no reason to sacrifice your sanity by making two full dinners in one night! And your kids will learn to enjoy helping others out!

Feeding a new family is a rewarding way to help and the new family will be very grateful.

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