All care is home based so you can be nurtured and cared for without leaving the house.

Hourly rate is $35*

Lactation Care

I will come to your home, sit with you and your baby, watch your current routine, hear your concerns and give you tools to start down the path of a good breast/chestfeeding relationship. Education, gentle guidance and loving support can make all the difference when establishing a successful breastfeeding/chestfeeding relationship. I also watch for issues that need to be addressed by an IBCLC, pediatric dentist, your or baby’s health care provider.

Visits are usually about 2 hours.

Postpartum Care

My first priority is to nurture the mother/birth parent, so they can better nurture the baby. But I am also there to support the whole family! In addition I might listen to birth stories over a cup of tea, make up an herbal sit bath, help with baby feeding, perform other tasks such as making sure mom has a nutritious meal and snacks, discuss baby care tips, help with baby baths, swaddling techniques, or keep baby tucked on my chest while you get a shower or a nap while washing some dishes or folding some laundry. Special help for postpartum depression, adoptive births, surrogate births, and pregnancy loss.

2 hour minimum

Virtual Care

Do you have a question or concern that needs a little more than a phone call?

Breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, new baby, new mama/birth parent recovery, sleep, or just a listening ear. Anything I can answer or find a resource for is available.

Zoom or FaceTime.

$10 for 30 min

*finances should never be a barrier for lactation or postpartum care. Please be in touch if you need to explore reduced rates.

The initial lactation support on our first day day home from the hospital was indispensable, but the follow-up check-ins have also been amazing.

— F. Family

Danna is amazing. Without her help, I don’t know if I could have been successful breastfeeding. She’s extremely knowledgeable. After one meeting, I had confidence in my ability to breastfeed my baby.

— Megan

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